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There are thousands of divorces a year and that leaves behind lots of precious jewelry, diamonds, and engagement rings that have no use but to be sold to the GIA specialists here at GGC & Diamonds.

There is no diamond too big or too small for the team here to purchase. We can either work with you in person at one of our affiliate stores or companies that have their headquarters in the main diamond districts such as our 550 Hill Street Location in downtown Los Angeles, California or the east coast office located in the heart of the diamond district in New York City off of 34th street.

We also have several satellite offices located throughout the country in Pennsylvania, California, New York, Maryland, and Florida, in addition to representatives in Antwerp Belgium, Johannesburg South Africa, and Israel who can work with you to get you the best resale price for your item.

Unlike most diamond dealers, we compare our current inventory to the current market prices to ensure that you receive the most money possible for your diamond ring, gold, silver, or any other item you are looking to sell.

There are currently 2,077,000 marriages a year and according to the CDC out of the 6.8% of the population who ties the knot each and every year 3.4% of them end up divorcing leaving behind one very valuable item: The Diamond Ring. All of these left over diamond rings do no good sitting in a safety deposit box and certainly earn you 0% interest. So when your diamond has lost its sparkle why not turn it into cash?

With GGC & Diamonds you are dealing with qualified GIA diamond specialists who are interested in purchasing your diamond engagement or old wedding ring. After a divorce we understand that you are going through tough times and may need money right away to pay for legal expenses, bills, or you may just want the money to go shopping with friends. No matter what the case GGC & Diamonds is the best place to turn to. You can get started today with our safe, fast, and easy process by either contacting us or filling out our free diamond price quote form.

If you have other items you need to sell we can help you with that as well to raise last minute cash. We work with structured settlement and annuity companies to help you raise cash right away so that you can pay your much needed bills such as mortgage payments, car payment, legal expenses, or any other needed bills that you have to pay.


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